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Shape Day

We had a lot of fun on shape day. We spent the morning learning all about the pentagon shape. We found out that it has 5 straight sides, 5 corners/angles and that you can turn it any way and it will still be a pentagon. We also learnt about why shapes aren't pentagons, such as, the lines do not touch or there are only 3 straight lines etc. We then went on a pentagon hunt, at first we found it tricky to find any pentagons around school. However, we soon started to spot them and then found lots in our outside area. 

In the afternoon we went up to visit Year 5, we told them everything that we know about pentagons. We then looked at Tangrams. We had 7 different shapes to work with and we had to try and make a picture. We had lots of fun exploring the shapes and trying to make different pictures. It was lots of fun!

Mark Making

We have enjoyed a variety of ways of mark making. We have looked at using a variety of tools when painting and how the different tools make different marks. We have also enjoyed creating some of our own stories and adding them to our story book. We have also enjoyed exploring with chalk and working with the Year 5 children who helped us with our drawings and writing.

Using the Snack Area Independently 

We have been learning how to use the snack area independently. The children know that they have to wash their hands before entering the snack area, they can then choose which snack they would like and either have water, milk or oat milk to drink. They are learning to use various tools within the snack area and eventually more tools will be added. 

Guru Nanak's Birthday Celebrations

Friday 4th November saw us learning about Guru Nanak, he was the founder of the religion Sikhism. We first of all talked about ways in which we celebrate birthdays. We then talked about how different people have different beliefs. Some of the children shared the things they celebrate with their families. We then watched a video which showed us the story of Guru Nanak. We learnt that he was protected by a snake during the hot sun and that he went into the river for 3 days and came out in new clothes that he gave away to those with less than him. We talked about the kind things that Guru Nanak did and what things we do to be kind. We later read a story called 'This is Our House' which helped us to think of a kindness motto for our class. Our motto was 'We promise to share, use our words, not shout and help each other.' 

Talk4Writing - Little Red Hen

We learnt the story The Little Red Hen, we made up actions to help us remember the story and then created story maps. Here we are retelling the story: 


Still image for this video

P.E - Ball Skills

We have been having our P.E lessons with Mr O'Brian and he has been teaching us all about spacial awareness and helping us to move in different ways. This week we looked at ball skills. We had to practice bouncing the ball up and down, throwing the ball and catching the ball. We had to focus on using both hands and each time Mr O'Brian made the task a little bit harder. We are getting better at watching the ball as well as trying to keep in a space at the same time. 

Number Hunt

We talked to the children about different numbers that we might find out and about. We looked at the numbers 1-10 and a few of us even recognised our numbers to 20! We went on a number hunt to see how many different numbers we could find. We found numbers everywhere!!

Our First Week in Reception

Our first week in Reception was all about getting to know one another. We learnt where everything is, where things belong, what we have to do at lunchtime and many more things! We were all fantastic, kind and caring and Miss Martin and Mrs Lee can't wait to do more learning with you all!



Welcome to Reception

We are very excited to get started in Reception. There will be Miss Martin and Mrs Lee in your class helping with your learning. We are excited to get to know you all and find out what your interests are. We love to read and share stories, learn about numbers, learn new phonic sounds and of course play! We will keep in contact with you through Tapestry but on our class page you can find out what we have been up to altogether. 


We can't wait for a fun filled and exciting year ahead! 


Miss Martin and Mrs Lee