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Welcome to Nursery

In Nursery there will be Mrs Mutch, Mrs Adamson, Miss Webster and Mrs Ramus. We will have lots of fun exploring in the classroom and in our outside area. Every Friday we will be going on a welly walk, so please make sure you have a pair of welly boots at school.
If you have any questions or queries, please speak to a member of the Nursery Team. We look forward to a very busy and exciting year!

Fire Friday - Marshmallows

We took turns this week to carefully toast our marshmallows over the campfire. We observed the changes of the marshmallows and used lots of new words to describe what we could see. 

Shape Day

We had great fun celebrating Shape Day with Year 6. We spent time in our classroom, learning songs, exploring circles with chalk and using mark making tools to create large round circles, using our gross motor skills. We also used tangrams to create different animals and even made our own shape pictures with a little bit of help from the Year 6 children! 

Fire Friday - Toast 

This week, we cooked our snack over the campfire. We felt the bread before it went over the heat and predicted what we thought would happen to the bread. 

Fire Friday - Popcorn

This week we cooked our own popcorn over the fire. We used our senses to smell the cooking kernels and used our listening ears to listen to the noise the popcorn made. We were very lucky to try some delicious popcorn once it had cooled down. 

Dark Den

Some of the children in our class were really interested in the dark and using torches. We decided to create a dark den for the children to use during exploring time. We created our own shadows and even read stories together with a torch. 

Fire Fridays

We had such an exciting campfire during our welly walk this week, we have decided to have 'Fire Fridays'. Each week we will spend time in the woods with a campfire focusing on a different skill/experience for the children. We all sat beautifully and watched the fire whilst singing our favourite songs. Thank you to Mr Haslett for helping us! 

Whatever Next!

We have been reading the story, 'Whatever Next' in our talk for writing sessions. During our exploring time, lots of children used the story props to retell the story and even built their very own rocket ships. 

Charlie Chatterboxes Birthday! 

We were very lucky to celebrate Charlie's birthday last week in Nursery. We made birthday cards, decorated cakes, created shopping lists and even had a real party at the end of the week. We used our listening ears to play some party games and finished off the morning by singing 'happy birthday' to our special friend. We hope you had a great birthday, Charlie!


Welly Printing

We used our welly boots to mix lots of different colours! Can you see what colours we created?

Let's Go Fly a Kite! 

During our exploring time it was very windy, so some of the children decided to make their own kites. Mr Hobbs joined us with his 'real' kite and we watched it fly really high in the sky. 

Macmillan Cake Sale 

Today we celebrated Macmillan morning by sitting together and eating a delicious cake. Thank you for all of your kind donations.