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Welcome to Nursery

In Nursery there will be Mrs Mutch, Mrs Adamson, Miss Webster and Mrs Ramus. We will have lots of fun exploring in the classroom and in our outside area. Every Friday we will be going on a welly walk, so please make sure you have a pair of welly boots at school.
If you have any questions or queries, please speak to a member of the Nursery Team. We look forward to a very busy and exciting year!

Little City

We had a great morning with Little City in the hall. It gave us lots of opportunities to:

* Use our imagination

* Share our toys

*Explore new equipment

* Communicate with others

* Develop our confidence in new situations


Our Father's Day Breakfast Celebrations

Shepreth Wildlife Park 2023

Our Trip to the Cafe - Day 3

A huge thank you to Cc's - Cane's Cafe for being excellent hosts. 

Our Trip to the Cafe - Day 2

Our Trip to the Cafe - Day 1

After reading the story, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, we decided to go to a real cafe and have some food just like the characters in the story. We walked to the cafe using our maps, read the menu at the cafe and used our big voices to order our food. We sat with our friends and ate our toast! We had such a lovely morning and are looking forward to taking the next group of children. 


This week, we have been creating shape pictures. We had to think carefully what shapes we would need for our pictures. 

Our Coronation Celebrations

What a busy week we have had! Some of the children created their own flags, we made crowns, read Royal themed stories and even went on a crown hunt around the school. To finish the week, we all had a picnic together with our friends. 


During our exploring time, lots of children created a bus and went on lots of different adventures. This then changed to building a huge aeroplane with wheels, wings and a control panel. We watched lots of video clips of real planes and made our own tickets to get on the plane.  

A visit to the Co-op

At the start of the week, we all wrote shopping lists with the fruit we would like to buy from the shop. We looked at Google maps to see where the shop was and off we went on our journey. We walked to the shop, picked up a basket, chose the fruit, had a look at the other items in the shop and went in the queue to pay for our items. When we arrived back to school, we used our busy fingers to cut up the fruit ready for our snack. 

What is it Wednesday? - Fruit Juicer

This week, our new item was a fruit juicer. We predicted what we thought it was and then explored the juicers during our exploring time with lemons and oranges. 

Decorating an Easter Egg

We used a range of tools to create lots of different patterns on our egg. 

PE - Dribbling the ball 

This week, we have been learning to control and stop the ball with our feet. 

STEM WEEK - Bread Making

To finish off our STEM week, we decided to make our own bread just like The Little Red Hen. 

Red Nose Day 2023

STEM WEEK - Grinding wheat grain to flour

During our exploring time, the children were introduced to pestal and mortars to grind and squash the grain. This is a great activity to develop and strengthen fine motor skills. 

STEM WEEK - Connections

We used our sense of smell to smell what we thought could be inside the tins. The children shared with the group if they liked the smell or did not like the smell and whether they could guess what was inside. The tins contained curry powder, hot chocolate, garlic, talcum powder & lemon juice!

STEM WEEK - Shape Pictures

We used a variety of 2D shapes to create our own shape pictures. 

Kane - " Mummy and me."

Leo H - " My rocket ship."

Hudson - " Racing car."

Matei - " A rocket and planets."

Lily - " Snowman."


Holi Day 2023 - Hope

During our Holi Day, we made seed balls with the hope that they will grow into beautiful flowers for our garden. We then explored the changing of colour by mixing, brushing, jumping and throwing lots of different coloured power paints onto the floor. 

What is it Wednesday?

This week we had real honeycomb taken from a bee hive. We looked closely at the wax hexagonal cells, explored it with our senses and even watched a special video on how the bees collect the nectar from the flowers to make honey. In the afternoon, Mrs Mutch bought some honey and we tasted it, lots of children came back to taste some more sticky sweet honey! 

Police Officer Visit

We were very lucky to have a visit today from our local Police Officer. Neil spoke to us about his job and we looked closely at his uniform and equipment, before heading to look at his Police car! We got in the car, pressed lots of buttons and turned the lights and sirens on. Thank you for spending the morning with us.

 Our Woodwork Bench

The children have shown real effort and determination when using the screwdrivers and hammers, so we decided to teach the children how to use real saws and clamps independently and safely! Using one handed tools are a great way to strengthen the children's fine motor skills. 


This week in our small group sessions, the children have been making pancakes with Mrs Adamson. They collected the ingredients, cracked the eggs, stirred the batter and watched the mixture change in the frying pan. The children then ate their delicious pancakes!




We have been practicing our rolling skills in PE. We worked on our own to roll the ball with our hands and then our feet, before working together in pairs to catch the ball. 

Mental Health Week - Yoga

We enjoyed taking part in some yoga as one of our feeling good week activities. Yoga helps children manage their anxiety, improves their emotional regulation, boosts self-esteem and develops strength and flexibility.  

Our Guide Dog Visit

We were very lucky to meet Lauren and her Guide Dog, Grace. We took it in turns to say hello to Lauren and used our kind and gentle hands to stroke Grace. Thank you so much for coming to visit us, we look forward to seeing you again soon!


Mr Haslett made some special bubble mixture for us to use on our welly walk. We created some HUGE bubbles and had lots of fun using the different wands to make different sized bubbles. 

Don't Put Your Finger in the Jelly, Nelly!

This week we have been using graters to grate our fruit to develop our fine motor skills. When reading our story of the week, we soon discovered that there was a picture of an alligrater in our story! I wonder what else you could grate at home?

Chinese New Year

We created our own Dragon dance using material and a range of musical instruments. We worked together to move in different ways, just like we saw in the Chinese New Year celebrations video. 


Still image for this video

Fire Engine Visit

We went outside during our exploring time and noticed that there was a fire engine in the car park! We quickly put our coats on and asked Matt the firefighter if we could look at the fire engine. We had a good look around and even saw the flashing blue lights. Some of the children used the large loose parts to create their own fire engine when the fire engine went back to the station. 

Our New Chalkboard

A big thank you to Mr Hobbs for making our wonderful new chalkboard for our writing area. As you can see, it has been very popular! 

Mark - Making

In our skill based group sessions, we have been looking at the different patterns and marks we can create when we draw and paint. We learnt lots of new words such as zig-zag, spiral, wavy, straight and curved. 


We have been reading the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' in our guided reading sessions. We have been retelling the story with our story props and we even made our own porridge using the microwave. 

PE - Climbing Wall

We are practicing our climbing, balancing and jumping skills in PE. We had lots of fun on the climbing wall, moving with confidence in different ways.  

Fire Friday - Marshmallows

We took turns this week to carefully toast our marshmallows over the campfire. We observed the changes of the marshmallows and used lots of new words to describe what we could see. 

Shape Day

We had great fun celebrating Shape Day with Year 6. We spent time in our classroom, learning songs, exploring circles with chalk and using mark making tools to create large round circles, using our gross motor skills. We also used tangrams to create different animals and even made our own shape pictures with a little bit of help from the Year 6 children! 

Fire Friday - Toast 

This week, we cooked our snack over the campfire. We felt the bread before it went over the heat and predicted what we thought would happen to the bread. 

Fire Friday - Popcorn

This week we cooked our own popcorn over the fire. We used our senses to smell the cooking kernels and used our listening ears to listen to the noise the popcorn made. We were very lucky to try some delicious popcorn once it had cooled down. 

Dark Den

Some of the children in our class were really interested in the dark and using torches. We decided to create a dark den for the children to use during exploring time. We created our own shadows and even read stories together with a torch. 

Fire Fridays

We had such an exciting campfire during our welly walk this week, we have decided to have 'Fire Fridays'. Each week we will spend time in the woods with a campfire focusing on a different skill/experience for the children. We all sat beautifully and watched the fire whilst singing our favourite songs. Thank you to Mr Haslett for helping us! 

Whatever Next!

We have been reading the story, 'Whatever Next' in our talk for writing sessions. During our exploring time, lots of children used the story props to retell the story and even built their very own rocket ships. 

Charlie Chatterboxes Birthday! 

We were very lucky to celebrate Charlie's birthday last week in Nursery. We made birthday cards, decorated cakes, created shopping lists and even had a real party at the end of the week. We used our listening ears to play some party games and finished off the morning by singing 'happy birthday' to our special friend. We hope you had a great birthday, Charlie!


Welly Printing

We used our welly boots to mix lots of different colours! Can you see what colours we created?

Let's Go Fly a Kite! 

During our exploring time it was very windy, so some of the children decided to make their own kites. Mr Hobbs joined us with his 'real' kite and we watched it fly really high in the sky. 

Macmillan Cake Sale 

Today we celebrated Macmillan morning by sitting together and eating a delicious cake. Thank you for all of your kind donations.