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Pupil Premium

The pupil premium is additional funding given to publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.


Schools receive funding for each child registered as eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years. The Pupil Premium is also provided for children in care who have been looked after continuously for at least six months.


Headteachers and school leaders can decide how to use the Pupil Premium.


Parents are strongly encouraged to register their child as eligible for FSM so that each school receives their maximum Pupil Premium entitlement. For more information, follow this link to the HertsDirect website.

Children eligible for the pupil premium grant may face a range of barriers to learning, including emotional, behavioural and social challenges, low self-esteem and low aspirations.  As with other children, some may have general learning difficulties such as dyslexia, autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These may impact upon the pupils learning and school life in general.  They will therefore, require different levels of intervention and support. This targeted intervention is put into place in order to diminish the difference in attainment and progress of disadvantaged children.


Shephalbury Park strives to expect the best outcomes for all pupils and we see it as part of our mission to do what we can to redress this inequality. At Shephalbury Park the Pupil Premium funding is focused on supporting this through raising both attainment and aspiration and to address the inequality of opportunity.



The Pupil Premium Provision

This may include:

  • Achievement and Progress work including the use of additional intervention work to accelerate progress for targeted groups or individuals.
  • Learning support to enable children to fully access learning and accelerate progress where there are special educational learning needs
  • Pastoral Work undertaken to raise self-esteem, provide emotional resilience and extend personal skills.
  • Out of Hours and Enrichment to ensure that children are given a full opportunity to develop talents in sport and creativity and extending experiences for all children.



Measuring the Impact

We will measure the impact and effect in several ways.

  • We will always look towards removing the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and other pupils. We will measure our success in how well we close that gap.
  • Disadvantaged pupils nationally are less likely to achieve higher educational outcomes and go onto further and higher education. We will measure how successful our most able disadvantaged pupils achieve.
  • Disadvantaged pupils nationally are less likely to have good attendance at school. We will measure our success in how well our pupils attend school.
  • We will raise the aspirations of our most disadvantaged pupils and ensure equality of access to the curriculum. We will measure our success in how well our disadvantaged pupils engage in school life to realise their dreams and ambitions.


Please see our Pupil Premium Strategy below, which details how we utilise the funding, the actions that we are taking to, and the impact that it has on our pupils.