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At Shephalbury Park, we intend for our learners to be confident and skilled in all aspects of mathematics. This includes; manipulation of number, problem solving, having the language needed to reason mathematically and to be able to apply these skills, confidently and systematically, in secondary school and in real life situations. 


The maths curriculum at Shephalbury Park is delivered through a mastery approach, which gives our learners a secure understanding of the maths that’s been taught and enables them to progress.


We follow the national curriculum and each year group has an overview of the maths for that year. This is then split into three terms and each term comprises of individual units or blocks of learning, which are then broken down into small steps. This allows our learners to gain strong foundational knowledge and understanding and provides opportunities for consolidation.


Within the maths curriculum we focus on fluency, reasoning and problem solving.


In fluency, we develop rapid and accurate recall and provide a concrete, pictorial and abstract (CPA) approach when introducing new concepts to build competency.


To develop conceptual understanding we provide opportunities for our learners to justify their views through reasoning using mathematical language and solve problems by applying maths in variety of problems.