Shephalbury ParkPrimary School

Imagine, Believe, Achieve

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Headteacher -Ms C Atkins

Deputy Head - Mrs G Cropley



Nursery Class Teacher Mrs Tremlett and Miss Lucas
  Teaching Assistant Mrs McCullagh and Mrs Adamson
Reception Class Teacher Miss Kay
  Teaching Assistant Mrs Lee
  Teaching Assistant Mrs Crampton
Year 1 Class Teacher Mrs Oustayiannis
  Teaching Assistant Mrs Bond
Year 2 Class Teacher Mrs Lewis
  Teaching Assistant Mrs Levy
Year 3 Class Teacher Mrs Cropley
  Teaching Assistant Mrs McKenzie
Year 4 Class Teacher Mrs Cargill
  Teaching Assistant Mrs Pike
Year 5 Class Teacher Mr Rust
  Teaching Assistant Mrs Spiller
Year 6 Class Teacher

   Mrs Banks

  Teaching Assistant Mrs Penfound
INCLUSION Leader   Mrs Lawrence
PPA Teachers



Mr Klein

Mrs Tremlett

MFL German Teacher Mrs Stoddart
Cover Supervisor Pupil Premium Lead Mrs Grizzell
Learning Support Assistant   Mrs Adamson
Midday Supervisors  

Mrs Pestell , Mrs Lee, Mrs Ashby, Mrs Hanrahan, Mrs Gault, Mrs Peacock, Mrs Parker, Mrs McKenzie, Mrs Ramus, Mrs Hammick, Miss Sambridge, Miss Crowter,  Mrs Flint

Admin Staff Office Manager Mrs Chandler
  Finance Manager Mrs Robertson
Site Staff Caretaker Mr Gorman
  Handyman Mr Hobbs

Mrs Gault

Mrs Adamson

Mrs Dixon

Porridge Pot  

Mrs Levy

Mrs Grizzell

Tea Pot  

Mrs McKenzie

Mrs Penfound