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Year 4

Week 7

Year 4 have been looking at the origins of the Notting Hill Carnival. We have explored and discussed what we can learn about British history from carnival.

During our Black History Month lessons we have made masks, created posters to promote carnival and have made tropical breakfast smoothies and mango fools. During PE, Miss Stringer taught us Samba, which is a dance often performed during carnival. During carnival there is a lot of dancing, singing and dressing up!


Year 4 House Cross Country Winners!


During our Creative Curriculum lessons this week, we have been looking at how the Ancient Egyptians built their structures, fed their people and travelled to other places. We noticed that temples and monuments were built out of stone but houses were made from brick. We watched a short video, showing us how bricks were made and then attempted to make our own.

During our writing sessions, we have worked together to create pieces of writing that will engage the reader. We have thought carefully about the language we use and whether it will engage the reader. We have used writing techniques such as short sentences for impact, alliteration, simile and time connectives to link events or ideas. 

Week 5

The children in Year 4 this week have been busy mummifying some freshly grown tomatoes as part of their guided reading. The children were asked to read a set of instructions, answer a variety of questions and to prove that they had read for meaning, follow the instructions! 

The children in Year 4 this week have been counting, partitioning and representing 4 digit numbers. They have used a variety of resources both concrete and pictorial to show their understanding of number and the value of each digit. By the end of the week the children were beginning to place numbers on an empty number line by using a strategy of dividing the difference between the start and end number by how many intervals there are. It has been another busy week of learning!

Week 2

We became explorers in our Creative Curriculum lessons this week and looked at what people explore and why they explore. One famous explorer was Howard Carter who was an archaeologist who discovered Tutankhamen's tomb. We participated in our own archaeological dig - finding artefacts, mapping them on a grid and then using information books to find out what we had found. In English we are studying a story called The Golden Scarab. We have created a class text map and sequenced the story. 

Week 2

Wow! What a busy first two days. The children in Year 4 are beginning to immerse themselves into their new creative curriculum topic - Ancient Egypt. Both maths sessions have focussed on pyramids. Lesson 1 the focus was using addition facts to construct a pyramid. Also the children had to use prediction to work out how many bricks would be needed to build the next layer. In lesson 2 the focus was addition and subtraction facts up to 4 digits to solve number pyramids. The children have also used Lego to construct a pyramid using set criteria and have created their own pharaoh headdresses using colour and sequins.   

Curriculum Letter - Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 4


A new school year and a new classroom with lots of new learning! From exploring Ancient Egypt, to problem solving in maths, investigating sound in Science and writing our very own fantasy stories in English. We've certainly got a jam packed, fun filled learning journey ahead of us. 


Mrs Lewis will be starting our week of learning on a Monday and Mrs Cropley will be continuing the learning from Thursday. Mrs Smith and Miss Stringer will support us on our journey throughout the week.


Our PE day is Wednesday, so do come into school dressed for outdoor PE on this day. Home learning continues to focus on reading a minimum of 3 x per week at home with an adult signature, 30 minutes of TTRS for all children in class and spellings. These will be given out on a Friday and tested the following Friday. Spellings will be in everyone's reading record. If you're not in school on a Friday do remember to ask when you are back in school.