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Summer Term Week 4

Sofia sings in sign language

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Richard teaches us Portuguese

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Picture 1 Handwriting practice
Picture 2 Making potions to fix Mrs Martin's hair
Picture 3 Reciepe on how to make the potion
Picture 4 Finished potion
Picture 5 Mixing ingredients
Picture 6 Joshua's minecraft witch
Picture 7 Richard's bunting for VE Day
Picture 8 Spencer C's blonde hair recipe
Picture 9 Spencer C's green hair recipe
Picture 10 Spencer C's brown hair recipe
Picture 11 Spencer C's red hair recipe
Picture 12 Bella's homemade wand
Picture 13 Wand making
Picture 14 Creating wonderful wands
Picture 15 Emilia's fantastic wands
Picture 16 More of Emilia's wand designs
Picture 17 Emilia's wand designs
Picture 18 Emilia's wand designs
Picture 19 Emilia's mum (Izabela) wand design
Picture 20 Spencer. C capacity work
Picture 21 Spencer. C capacity work
Picture 22 Spencer. C capacity work
Picture 23 Spencer. C capacity work
Picture 24 Spencer. C capacity work
Picture 25 Amelia's bunting
Picture 26 Amelia's cake
Picture 27 Amelia's decoration
Picture 28 Amelia's WW2 cooking
Picture 29 Bella's witch design
Picture 30 Wand making
Picture 31 Ethan's wands
Picture 32 Lilly's witch hunt
Picture 33 On a witch hunt
Picture 34 Lilly's research on her witch hunt
Picture 35 Making potions
Picture 36 Finished potion for Mrs Martin's hair
Picture 37 Sofia mixing her potions
Picture 38 Sofia potion making
Picture 39 Sofia potion making
Picture 40 Sofia potion recipe
Picture 41 Richard's wizard
Picture 42 Maia's potion making
Picture 43 Maia's potion making
Picture 44 Maia the witch
Picture 45 Maia's aqua beads witch
Picture 46 Maia's aqua beads witch
Picture 47 Maia's writing for potion making
Picture 48 Olly's wand
Picture 49 Wand making
Picture 50 Spencer C's own wizard
Picture 51 Spencer's teleportion spell
Picture 52 More wand making
Picture 53 Emilia salt dough butterfly
Picture 54 Salt dough making
Picture 55 Emilia's salt dough making
Picture 56 Gabriella's witch
Picture 57 Richard's writing about his teddy bear
Picture 58 Salt dough fun
Picture 59 Emilia's salt dough fun
Picture 60 Capacity work
Picture 61 Capacity work
Picture 62 Capacity work
Picture 63 Freddie's potion making recipe
Picture 64 Capacity
Picture 65 Capacity
Picture 66 Freddie's rhyming spell
Picture 67 Freddie's own witch
Picture 68 Freddie's wizard
Picture 69 Capacity work
Picture 70 Ethan's information about his wizard
Picture 71 Ethan's potion work
Picture 72 Ethan's spell
Picture 73 Ethan's wizard
Picture 74 Capacity
Picture 75 Potion making
Picture 76 Richard's potion
Picture 77 Richard's wand
Picture 78 Shaking the potion
Picture 79 Spencer's capacity work
Picture 80 Spencer C's spelling test
Picture 81 Making a wand
Picture 82 Finished wand
Picture 83 Pippa's wand
Picture 84 Potion making
Picture 85 Mindy the witch
Picture 86 Potion making
Picture 87 Making pizza
Picture 88 Gabriella's capacity work
Picture 89 Capacity work
Picture 90 Bella's spell
Picture 91 Capacity
Picture 92 Finished wand
Picture 93 Gabriella's designing of her wand
Picture 94 Gabriella's spell and potion making
Picture 95 Amelia's spell
Picture 96 Amelia's wand
Picture 97 Amelia's potion
Picture 98 Amelia's potion
Picture 99 Amelia getting ingredients for her potion
Picture 100 Amelia's wizard
Picture 101 Mina creating a reading tower
Picture 102 Mina's reading tower