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Summer Term Week 3

Mina explaining the rules of her game

Still image for this video
Amelia celebrating her birthday
Flying spitfire
Gabriella designing her spitfire
Gabriella planting her own vegetables
Gabriella's Morse code
Bella's Morse code
Amelia teaching her guinea pigs to count
Amelia's dinner
Amelia's treasure map
Amelia's work
Amelia diary writing
Amelia's questions
Amelia's diary writing
Amelia's favourite book character
Amelia's facts about Samuel Pepys
Lilly's party plan
Lilly's fact file on Anne Frank
Lilly's research on Anne Frank
Richard's Morse code
Mina and Henry have learnt to make their beds
Bella's Spitfire
Completed Spitfire
Making a Spitfire plane
Bella's VE Day invitation
Gabriella making homemade soup
Gabriella enjoying her homemade soup
Bella's letter to her friend
Spencer C famous person
Spencer C invitation
Spencer C Spitfire
Spencer C good manners
Spencer C pirate dinner
Spencer C pirate fact file
Spencer C treasure map
Spencer C character
Spencer C helping mummy in the kitchen
Spencer C weather report
Spencer C weather
Spencer C tally chart
Spencer C work
Olly helping make a crumble
Olly's invitation
Olly's cooking
Olly's finished crumble
Helping in the kitchen
Helping in the kitchen
Cutting up potatoes
Making friends with frogs
Ethan's Spitfire
Spirtfire making
Being creative
Designing a Spitfire
Growing in the garden
Ethan's planting
Keeping plants well watered
Maia's writing
Maia's writing
All the books Maia has been reading
Bike rides
Beautiful views on Maia's bike ride
Maia's party planning
Climbing trees
More climbing trees
Baking a WW2 recipe
Make Do and Mend creating a t-shirt
Make Do and Mend
Decorating for a VE Day party
Make Do and Mend
Creating paper aeroplanes and measuring
Gabriella learning to tell the time
Gabriella's poster on Winston Churchill
Pippa's invitation
Pippa creating bunting for a VE Day party
Creating WW2 recipes
Pippa preparing and celebrating VE Day
Making paper aeroplanes
Bella's facts about Winston Churchill
Watering our plants
Keeping them healthy
Sofia planting and watering
Charlie’s VE Day poster
Charlie’s VE Day work
Lilly’s family history
More research from Lilly
Lilly’s family
Recipe planning
Hopeful end result
Lilly's research
 Ethan VE Day celebrations
Ethan's letter to his friend
Playing in the pool
Crack the code
 Lilly ready for VE Day celebrations
 Lilly's VE Day cooking
Lilly's VE Day pie