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Summer Term Week 2

Bella's questions to Long John Bill
Joshua's sentences and questions
Treasure Map
Bella's treasure map
Edible treasure map
Emilia's edible treasure map
Emilia's information about her treasure map
Making banana bread
Fresh out of the oven
Yummy looking banana bread
Mina's banana bread
Meal planner
Treasure map
Sofia's treasure map
Helping to create the Arc of Hope
Emilia's questions
Fantastic Numbots work
Ethan's questions
Ethan's treasure map
Bella's fact file
Bella's Hama bead pirate
Making a Hama bead pirate
Fun in the pool
A pirate dinner
Making headbands
Headband making
A different headband
Reading books
Chilling in the pool
Pippa's questions
Poster to remind pirates to have good manners
Maia's pirate Long Lilly Starfish
Maia's pirate fact file
Maia's questions
Sofia's questions
Freddie making a giant pirate
Life size pirate
Treasure map
Spencer.B's treasure map
Treasure map
Freddie's questions
Joshua’s treasure map
Treasure map,questions&ship
Gabriella's pirate fact file
Pirate dinner
Making facemasks
Looking after Daisy chicken
Good manners poster
Bella's good manners poster
Ethan's pirate dinner
Spencer.B pirate boat
Spencer.B pirate boat
Spencer. B pirate boat
Spencer.B dinner plate
Emilia's fact file
Emilia's fact file
Emilia's fact file
Bella's pirate dinner plate
Creating a pirate
Gabriella's pirate dinner
Gabriella's treasure map
Gabriella's chickens Daisy, Dinner, Eggatron
Online learning
Numbots success
Ethan's pirate
Richard's pirate
Maia's treasure map
Gabriella's questions
Olly's pirate dinner
Olly's treasure map
Ethan's good manners reminders