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Seasons Poem

We have been reading the story 'Seasons Come and Seasons Go Tree', the book follows a pattern and includes rhyming couplets. We decided to create our own poem, at first we generated ideas about each season and then together we brought our ideas into a poem. Here we are performing it to a small audience. Enjoy!


Still image for this video

Sports Week

We had such a brilliant week celebrating everything sports. On Monday, we got to meet an athlete who taught us all about what it means to be good at a sport. We tried out some different exercises and asked him some questions. Later on that day we completed our sports activities. We all worked hard to earn lots of points for our houses. We then had the opportunity to learn about healthy food choices and other ways of keeping our body healthy. On Wednesday we celebrated our sports day, every single person tried their best and all the adults were very impressed with us. On Thursday we took part in a martial arts workshop and learnt some different moves and how to be in control of our bodies. We finished the week off with our performance for our Commonwealth learning. It was a very busy but fun and exciting week. Please see Mr Conway's blog for further pictures!

Father's Day - Stay and Play

We invited in our family members as a celebration of Father's Day, we had the opportunity to create and build with them, eat some breakfast and share our goodbye song with them too. It was lots of fun! A big thank you to all those who came along for the sessions. 

Summer 2 - Learning about South Africa and Cultural Food Day

This morning we had a visit from Mr McKenzie, he is from South Africa and so was teaching us all about South African life and the different types of animals (The Big 5, The Marine 5 and The Ugly 5). He then treated us to a Braai (A South African style of barbecue), we got to try a Braai Broodjie, which is a bread filled with cheese, onion and tomato and toasted on the Braai (it normally contains mango chutney too but we could not add this due to allergies but if anyone would like to try, this is the traditional dish). We then got to try a Boerewors which is a special curly style of sausage, the children all gave each of these things a try and they were a big hit with many children asking for more.

This afternoon we then visited the hall where there was a variety of dishes supplied by people from our school community, the children got to try a variety of different dishes from all over the world and were well and truly filled to the brim by the end of the day :) Thank you to Mr McKenzie for his help with learning about South Africa and thank you to everyone who contributed to our Cultural Food Day too. 

The Queen's Knickers (Part 2)

We have been working hard to investigate the Queen's missing knickers. We called upon Amy (a police officer) to come and help us with the mystery of the missing knickers. She helped us by telling us the information she knew about the Queen's knickers, such as, they are normally pegged on the line with a golden peg, they have diamonds and special writing on them. Amy then told us about what we could do if we were to find any clues. We loved having our questions answered but we also enjoyed learning about the role of a police officer and how they could help us. 

We then designed new knickers for the Queen, wrote out our own story maps of the The Queen's missing knickers and continued to write notes about the clues we had found. The Queen was so impressed with our hard work she sent us a range of games to play at school, one of these were pinging pants. We had to ping the pants and see who could ping them the furthest, they also had numbers on them so we could put them into the correct order. 

Eventually on Thursday afternoon, we were given a message that someone had spotted the knickers flying in the wind, so we went on a mission to find them. After searching high and low we finally found the knickers hanging on to a tree branch. We were so excited, we chanted V.I.P all the way back to school! We wrote to the Queen who sent us all a golden sticker to say thank you for our hard work! 

The Queen's Knickers (Part 1)

We have had a very busy week in Reception. We started the week off by learning that the Queen had lost her V.I.P (very important pair) of knickers that she was hoping to wear for the jubilee. We also read a story called The Queen's Knickers and learnt about all the different pairs of knickers she has. These are some of the things we have done in class as a result:


Tested out different types of materials that would make good parachute knickers and good floating knickers:

We wrote invitations for the Royal Party next week and created missing posters to put up around school to help find the missing knickers:

We also had a special visit from the police, who helped us to learn about all the equipment we would find inside of a police van, including a spotting activity for us to find different items around the van: 


And finally, we had P.C Collard in to help us with our investigation. She set us a task of making missing posters and displaying them around school as well as looking out for clues. P.C Collard also helped us to learn about all the different pieces of equipment that she carries, we were lucky to try out the handcuffs (which were heavier than expected), hats, walkie talkies and learn about evidence bags. It certainly has been a busy week and we look forward to doing some further investigations next week. 

Pirate Day and end of our Pirate topic

This week we have been very busy writing out pirate stories, labelling pictures, creating treasure maps and finding more treasure. The children have worked incredibly hard using their phonics to write their stories and using their imagination to create their own version of the story. We celebrated the end of the topic by dressing up as pirates, we took part in some fun games on the field and received a final message from Long John Bill. 

Long John Bill Sends Us a Message!

Long John Bill met up with Miss Martin and answered all our questions. He told us that he had left some treasure in the garden and we have been working hard to find the buried treasure. He also said to send maps and to write stories. So this week we have been looking at different landscapes and landmarks that you may find on a map and have been using these to create our own treasure maps. We also have continued to read the story 'The Pirates Next Door', we have drawn out story maps and next week we are going to try writing out some simple stories. 

Summer Term - Week 2 - The Pirates have arrived!

We started this week with a surprise message in a bottle. It told us that pirates had been to see our outside area, they had left some bits of treasure and asked us to write them messages to ask them questions. We also learnt how to use our new den building equipment and used this to build pirate ships and a special 'walk the plank'. We are hoping to hear back from the pirates very soon! 

The Queen Responds

Before Easter we wrote letters to The Queen to celebrate her 70 years on the throne. We were very excited when yesterday we received a response from her, it included a letter to say thank you, a special card with pictures of The Queen and even the envelope had a special stamp on to show that it was from Buckingham Palace. We look forward to celebrating her jubilee at the end of the half term. 

Paramedic visit

We were very lucky to have a paramedic come and visit. We learnt about what they do and how they help people. We then saw how to check someone’s oxygen levels, how to take a heartbeat and what oxygen felt like. We were then all given the opportunity to sit in the front and press the horn to start the siren. Thank you to Carol for coming and Miss Webster for organising. A brilliant way to end our term!

Easter Week activities

We've had a fun week of activities leading up to Easter. We all completed an Easter egg hunt, we had to read the clues hidden around the school to take us to the next place. When we had finished finding the clues we came across an egg that said 'You win' and we searched around our classroom to find the hidden eggs. Our other small group activity this week was subitising numbers. We were all given some numbers and we had to find the corresponding number of dots, these were all hidden in our garden and it was lots of fun searching for them. Our final activity of the week was making chocolate nests. We had to follow the instructions and made them independently. We enjoyed licking the bowl at the end of the activity! 


Today a lovely lady called Samara came to visit us to teach us some yoga. We learnt different poses whilst singing nursery rhymes. It was lots of fun as well as calming and relaxing. We knew many of the poses already and we were told that we were very good at following the instructions and being able to relax also. 

Ramadan Learning Day

Today we had a special day learning about the Islamic celebration, Ramadan. The children learnt about how Muslims celebrate and what they do. We talked about how Muslims fast for 29-30 days and how they do not eat or drink during daylight hours during this time. We then looked at the celebration of Eid that comes at the end of Ramadan. We talked about the symbols within Islam and the children enjoyed making moons with a star which is a symbol of Islam and making lanterns which are also used to decorate houses during the month of Ramadan. 

Mother's Day celebration breakfast

We had a lovely time treating our adults to a special breakfast in recognition of Mother's Day. We sat and ate a small breakfast with our adults and then we sang them a special song to show them how amazing they are. It was lots of fun and the children enjoyed having their adults in school for the morning. 

Writing to The Queen

We learnt about The Queen's jubilee and we talked about how we might celebrate it later on in the year. We then discussed that if we wanted to write to The Queen we would need to do it now so that we may get a reply before the end of the year. We spent the week looking at how to write a letter and focusing on some key words we would need in our letters. We then had a try at writing our letters independently. After we had all completed our letters, we walked to the postbox to post our letters. Whilst we were there we noticed that the postbox had a crown on it, we talked about it being called the Royal Mail and that it meant that The Queen approved of people sending their letters this way. We will keep our fingers crossed that we get a reply before we leave Reception. 

Chicks Growing

We enjoyed watching the chicks grow and looking at the differences from when they first hatched. We got to hold a chick too and we were very careful and took care as we knew they were very fragile. Although we were sad to see them go we knew that it was time for them to move onto the farm.

Science Week 

This week we have been celebrating Science Week. We have read the story 'Greta and the Giants', we discussed ways in which we could help to save the environment and are creating posters to put around our school. The theme of the week is all about growth and we have been very lucky to see the chicks hatching and growing and are looking forward to observing them next week too. We have also been plant detectives - searching for different plants and seeing how they grow in different environments. We have planted cress and are looking forward to seeing it grow.  We were also lucky enough to have a real life scientist in to show us a range of experiments, we were all amazed and many of us have now decided that we would also like to be scientist when we grown up. 


P.E - Balancing 

The children have been learning different gymnastic shapes and thinking about different ways to move. This week they looked at balancing and showing control of their bodies. They moved in different ways across the equipment and then were added an additional challenge of trying to carry a beanbag on themselves at the same time. The children showed good control and worked hard to balance in a variety of ways.

World Book Day

On Friday 4th March we celebrated World Book Day. We have enjoyed sharing our favourite stories, making up funny stories and writing our own stories. We loved dressing up as our favourtie book characters and had lots of fun throughout the day. 

Spring 2 - Week 1

This week we have been learning about different occupations and thinking about what we would like to be when we are older. The children did some lovely drawings and writing telling us all about what they would like to be when they grow up. We also looked at instructional writing, we looked at how to write instructions and then Miss Martin demonstrated how to make a jam sandwich. The children then wrote their own instructions before making their own jam sandwich. Next week we will be writing instructions on how to brush our teeth. 

House Curling Competition 

On Friday 4th (Feb) we held our curling competition, the children had great fun taking it in turns to try and score points for their house. A big well done to Ethan and Teddy who both scored a high score of 7! Congratulations to Unicorns for their overall win across the school. 

Lunar New Year


This week we celebrated Lunar New Year, we focused on how Chinese people celebrated. We tried some different foods, created dragons, made red envelopes with secret messages inside, created lanterns, learnt about the year we were born, tried some Chinese writing and took part in an imaginative dance. We had lots of fun and enjoyed watching videos to learn from others how the Lunar New Year is celebrated. 

Bird Watching

Earlier in the week we had spotted Nursery making some bird feeders and we wanted to find out more. The children told us that it was National Bird Watching at the weekend. We love watching out for birds in our garden, so we did some research and found some great bird watching sheets from the RSPB and listened to the different sounds that birds make. We then spent time looking out for different birds. We realised that some birds were coming closer but we wanted to persuade more into the garden, so with help from Mrs Lee we made a special bird feeder. We then spent our afternoon making notes of all the different birds. We then took some bird watching sheets home and some of us continued our learning at home. 

Spring Term - Week 1 - Goldilocks and The Three Bears

We arrived at school on Monday 10th January to find our snack area cornered off. On the snack table there were 3 bowls, 2 which had some porridge in and 1 bowl in which the porridge had been eaten. There was also a broken chair on the floor. We discussed what we thought may have happened and the children had lots of different ideas. Some thought that our cheeky elf Peanut had come back and made the mess, some thought that Goldilocks had been to our class and others thought that the dinosaurs had been here. We decided we needed to do some investigation work. We made a class poster to ask for help trying to find out who had made the mess. We then suggested that children could make their own posters, lots of children created their own posters and we took these around the school to stick them up. A few days later, Mrs Dean came to our class and said that she had seen a video of a young girl with blonde hair sneaking into our classroom and that on the way out she had dropped a book on the floor, the book was Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We were right in thinking that it was Goldilocks. We then decided to make our own porridge to try and we have also been learning the story of Goldilocks. Our work here is not done yet though...

Presents from Santa


Just before Christmas, we went out after lunch and when we returned there were presents under the tree for everyone. We watched a video from Santa saying that he wasn't able to deliver our presents to us this year but he had left them under our tree with Peanut (our elf). We waited patiently and then opened our presents and saw that we all had a new book. We very excited! We enjoyed looking at our books at school and home. 

Christmas Craft Day

We had great fun on our Christmas craft day. We made bracelets, decorated biscuits, made lollipop snowflakes, decorated baubles and made paper chains. We had lots of fun moving around the different activities whilst listening to Christmas music. We then got to eat our biscuits as a treat for snack time. It was a fun day!

Letters to Santa

We all wrote letters to Santa using our phonics to help us sound out words. We then walked to the postbox to deliver our letter. A few days later, we received a letter back from Santa, everyone got a letter that thanked them for writing to Santa and it also had a recipe for making gingerbread. We were all very excited! 

Just Talk Week 

During 'Just Talk Week' we had a special story in the corridor whilst snuggled up in blankets and cuddling some teddies. We also took a look in a mirror and said positive things about ourselves so that we all know how fabulous we are. 

Number fun


We've had great fun exploring numbers. We have been looking at different ways to make numbers, learnt songs and used part-whole models. We have been challenging ourselves to explain our reasoning by asking questions like "How do you know that?" and "Why is it not number 4?". 

Children In Need Ramble

We enjoyed a ramble with Year 6 around Shephalbury Park, we all walked beautifully!

Diwali Learning Day


On the first day back of Autumn 2 we had a special Diwali Learning Day. We learnt about how people celebrate Diwali and watched a video of a young girl preparing and getting ready for her celebrations. We then made our own diva lamps using salt dough and later painted these, created rangoli patterns and tried different mehndi hand designs. We enjoyed learning about the celebrations and watching the fireworks and discussed that Diwali meant festival of light. 

Pumpkin Soup


As part of our Talk4Writing we have been reading the story Pumpkin Soup. The children enjoyed learning the story and looking at how different recipes are made. In our last week we then made and ate our own pumpkin soup. The children were in charge of cutting, peeling and crushing all the ingredients. Although not everyone was keen on pumpkin soup almost everyone in our class tried some, some children even went back for a 3rd bowl! We had lots of fun and some of us even tried making our own soup at home and lots of different recipes were also made during our choosing time. 

Learning patterns and shapes to help with our fine motor skills


We have been working on developing our fine motor skills which will support us with our writing. We have started using a special programme called Letter-join, at the moment we are focussing on creating patterns to help support us with following lines and getting us ready for letter formation.

House Cross Country


The children were all fantastic at the house cross country competition. They all had bags of energy before setting off and kept the stamina going the whole way around, not one child dropped out or stopped running. Well done Reception we are all really proud of you. 

Thank you Mr Gorman


A huge thank you to Mr Gorman and Mr Hobbs who have worked so hard to build our covered outside area. We are so excited to get it kitted out and to be able to use it during those wet and windy winter months. 

Dough Disco 


We have started our Dough Disco sessions, these are a great opportunity for the children to develop and strengthen the muscles in their hands. We choose some fun music to move to whilst we are creating the different shapes and pinching and pulling on our own playdough. 



The children enjoyed being witches and wizards in our P.E session this week. They learnt about spaces within the hall and recognising how to move safely within the space. We flew on broomsticks, mixed big potions and transported ourselves with magic wands! 

Mark Making and Creating Stories 


We have all been given a special red book which we can use to put in our special pictures, mark making and writing. We were all very excited about having our own books and we had some wonderful stories and pictures being created by the children. 


We love to listen to stories, we have been acting out the stories, creating pictures from the stories and reading the stories all by ourselves. 


Our first two weeks of Reception

We've had a great start to our time in Reception, we have been learning how to use the different areas around our classroom and outside area. This week we have enjoyed playing in the rain, creating badges and medals and finished the week off going on a bear hunt! These are just a few of the things we have been doing and the children have had great fun! 

Welcome to Autumn Term in Reception! 


This term is all about settling into school and learning our new routines. We have many different adults within the Early Years setting but the people you will see the most are Miss Martin, Mrs Lee and Mrs Gregory. On a Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Spiller will be coming into our class to help us with our learning too. 


Play is a huge part of our curriculum and we have been working hard over the summer to create a fun, engaging and exciting classroom. This will change and adapt as we create new ideas together and we will always work as a team to include everyone in this process. 


We will also be taking part in small group activities which will cover all areas of learning and we will be restarting our phonics learning too. 


Our P.E day will be on a Friday morning, we will be starting this on the 17th September. Please send your child to school in their P.E kits every Friday. 


A busy and exciting term ahead! Don't forget to sign up to Tapestry to keep up to date with all the work that your child has been doing! 


Miss Martin, Mrs Lee and Mrs Gregory.