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 The Paper Dolls 

This week our Mystery Reader was....Mr Conway! He decided to read the story 'Paper Dolls' as it is one of his daughters favourite stories. We really enjoyed listening to the story and it inspired lots of children to create their own paper dolls during child initiated time. 



On Monday, we did our first PE session on the field. We were learning how to move in and out of a space without crashing! As a group, we pretended to be driving our cars. We went round roundabouts, followed the traffic lights and even went over some very high speed bumps! 

Father's Day Stay and Play

Thank you to all of the adults who joined us for a special Father's Day breakfast Stay and Play session. 

South Africa & Cultural Food Day

This morning we had a visit from Mr McKenzie, he is from South Africa and so was teaching us all about South African life and the different types of animals (The Big 5, The Marine 5 and The Ugly 5). He then treated us to a Braai (A South African style of barbecue), we got to try a Braai Broodjie, which is a bread filled with cheese, onion and tomato and toasted on the Braai (it normally contains mango chutney too but we could not add this due to allergies but if anyone would like to try, this is the traditional dish). We then got to try a Boerewors which is a special curly style of sausage, the children all gave each of these things a try and they were a big hit with many children asking for more.

This afternoon we then visited the hall where there was a variety of dishes supplied by people from our school community, the children got to try a variety of different dishes from all over the world and were well and truly filled to the brim by the end of the day :) Thank you to Mr McKenzie for his help with learning about South Africa and thank you to everyone who contributed to our Cultural Food Day too. 

The Queen's Handbag

This week we have been reading the story 'The Queen's handbag'. During our carpet time, the Queen phoned Mrs Mutch to ask her if we had seen her handbag as she had lost it! We looked around the classroom and to our surprise, we found it! Inside were lots of items including, perfume, lipstick, dog treats, a pair of glasses and a carrot! The Queen then went on Zoom to thank us, but unfortunately could not come and see us as she had chicken pox! A real Soldier came into our classroom to collect the Queen's handbag..... we hope the Queen feels better soon!

Police Visit

We were really excited when Pat and Tom came to our school in their Police van. We looked at all the equipment, asked lots of questions and even had the opportunity to go inside the van! 

Thank you for spending the morning with us. 

Climbing Equipment

We have been using our gross motor skills to climb, jump and balance on the climbing equipment. It is really important that we develop our upper body strength in order for use to use one handed tools effectively. 

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

On Thursday, the tiger sent us a letter inviting us to a tea party. We wrote a list of items we would like to eat and drink at the tea party and we left our lists for the tiger to see. We were so excited to find a huge gold box filled with all the ingredients for us to make yummy jam sandwiches! We used our busy fingers to make our own sandwich and some children even decided to create their own party hat. We had a lovely morning celebrating with the tiger in the sunshine! 

Funky Food - Tweetie Pies 

This week was our first 'Funky Food' cooking session. We learnt how to weigh the ingredients, stir the mixture and roll the mixture into little balls.  Cooking in the early years is a great, fun experience which offers a wealth of learning and development.


                                                                 Police Officer Visit

We had a special visit today from a Police Officer, who told us all about her job. We looked at her uniform, felt her hard boots, looked in all her jacket pockets and asked lots of questions...Thank you for coming to visit us!

Wool Spinning

We were very excited to welcome Sue (Rebecca's Grandma) into school to demonstrate wool spinning. We learnt where wool comes from, how a spinning wheel works and we even got to see the spinning wheel in action! 

Spring Walk

Lots of children had noticed the beautiful daffodils growing in our garden. We all went on a Spring hunt to see what other signs of Spring we could find and observed the blossom on the trees, buds starting to grow and lots of shiny green leaves. When we returned from our walk, some of the children decided to draw Mrs Mutch's daffodils. 

Science Week 2022

In Nursery this week, we have been celebrating Science Week and have engaged in a variety of ‘growing’ theme based activities. To start the week we made our own seed balls, planted some cress and watched the fluffy chicks hatch from their eggs. We learnt about the important job that honeybees have and observed a real honeycomb from the hive before making delicious honey sandwiches. To finish the week, we listened to the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and planted our own broad beans, knowing exactly how to look after them in order for them to grow.  

In addition, a big thank you to Mrs Murphy (Rebecca’s Mummy) for joining us this week and sharing many exciting experiments with us! 

Shrove Tuesday 2022

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, we cooked our own pancakes. We made some shopping lists with the ingredients we needed and then had a turn at mixing, whisking and eating the pancakes!

Don't Put Your Finger in the Jelly, Nelly!

This week we have been reading the story 'Don't Put Your Finger in the Jelly, Nelly!' We used our senses to explore the items from the story, which included jelly, jam, cheese, milkshake and spaghetti. The children used lots of great words to describe the items and included them in their story maps. 

Bird Feeders


Today we made bird feeders for the birds in our environment. We used our busy fingers to squash the lard onto the pinecones and then sprinkled the bird seed all over them. We then went to the nature area to find the best place to put them. 

Powder Paint

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

After exploring the porridge during child initiated learning, some of the children wanted to know what it

tasted like, so we decided to make our own porridge during snack time. We poured the milk, mixed it together and then used the microwave to cook it. We are so glad Goldilocks did not come and join us!

Christmas Crafts

We made mince pies! We rolled the pastry and used the cutters to make the shapes. We are going to take them home to share with our grown ups.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

Mr Haslett made us some bubble mixture. We used different tools to make big bubbles. We had so much fun!

Following the children's interests of microwaves, we decided to cook our own jacket potatoes. We used a fork to make holes in the potato, pressed the buttons on the microwave and discussed the differences between the uncooked and cooked potatoes. We saw steam coming from our potatoes when we went outside and then bought them inside to eat. They were yummy!

We celebrated Armistice Day in Nursery.

We have been celebrating Diwali and Fireworks night.

We created firework pictures inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock.

Still image for this video

We used our senses to explore the pumpkins during choosing time.

Phonics - We discovered how different sounds are made with our wooden beaters.

Our first PE session in the hall

We used chalk to mark make outside in our garden.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

 Welcome to Nursery

In Nursery there will be Mrs Mutch, Mrs Adamson and Miss Webster. We will have lots of fun exploring in the classroom and in our outside area. Every Friday we will be going on a welly walk, so please make sure you have a pair of welly boots at school.


If you have any questions or queries, please speak to a member of the Nursery Team. We look forward to a very busy and exciting year!