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Kid Fit Holiday Play Scheme

Holiday Play Scheme

Our Holiday Play Scheme is extremely popular and can be particularly helpful to working parents by providing school holiday childcare in a familiar setting. Children have the freedom to choose their coach led activities throughout the day.


We are here to make sure they have an awesome time.


Kid fit have been delivering holiday clubs for 15 years.


Activites –


Forest School


Arts & Crafts

Team Relay Games





Quiet Area

Treasure Hunt

STEM Science

STEM Construction



Parachute Games


A strong emphasis is placed on incorporating our Team building, Social Skills and Communication programmes, with prizes awarded daily.

Kid Fit Contact Form

For more information about Kid Fit or to ask any questions please send a message here or contact 07966612007


How is the day organised?


Core day: 10am - 4pm


Every morning all children and Kid Fit staff engage in a circle discussion where every child has equal say on a certain activity they would love to do at some point during that day, we find this a great tool to challenge children to engage in something new each day.


The lead coach will then design a bespoke plan for the day to best serve the children in attendance. There are up to six 1-hour sessions each day, with a choice of at least two activities in each. There are choices for children whether they prefer sporty activities or more creative ones; there is also always a quiet area option. Each day there are two short breaks and a lunch break.


We hope to see your children soon and we will do our upmost to ensure they have an awesome time at Kid Fit.





Kid Fit recognises that careful planning is essential in order to keep the children and our staff safe, and to limit the spread of coronavirus/Covid-19, within each setting. Accordingly, we will review our Covid-19 risk assessment whenever Government guidance changes. Parents/Carers will receive our Covid -19 related guidance for our Holiday Play Scheme at the time of booking.



What happens if it rains?


We can't predict the weather, but we do have a wet weather programme which swings into operation at the first sign of rain. We have the British weather in the back of our minds when selecting schools to run a Kid Fit Holiday Play Scheme so we are always aiming to appoint schools with excellent facilities. We always offer a wide and varied wet weather programme, some activities will be withdrawn in wet weather for Health & Safety reasons and replaced with appropriate alternatives.



What if parents are delayed?


Don't worry - children will be well cared for until parents arrive. If they are likely to be delayed after the pre booked collection time, we ask that they call the Kid Fit Holiday Play Scheme so our staff can let the children know. Kid Fit Holiday Play Scheme closes at 4pm at which time if children are still in our care and we have been unable to contact parents/guardians we are obliged to notify Children’s Services. Any parents collecting children after 4pm will incur a £25.00 charge for every 15 minutes they are late from their pre booked collection time. This must be paid within 14 days to Kid Fit or the child will not be permitted to attend any future Kid Fit Holiday Play Schemes.



Specific medical condition. Do we need to know?


Yes – we ask parents to state anything we need to know about their child's health when they complete the booking form e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, serious allergies etc. In some cases we may need to send parents more forms and get additional information from them regarding a child's needs. The more information parents provide us with the better care we can provide for every child.



Illness or accidents at camp?


We are parents too, so we understand parents concerns, but don't worry we are well prepared. Qualified first aid staff at camp deal with accidents and illnesses. Fortunately the most we usually have to deal with is a minor injury such as a grazed knee, stings and so on. However, should a child suffer a more serious injury, or fall ill, parents/carer will be contacted immediately.