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Summer Term Week 5

Picture 1 Spencer's Lion who came to tea
Picture 2 Spencer with the lion who came to tea
Picture 3 The lion who came to tea
Picture 4 Richard's wanted poster
Picture 5 Sofia's bunny who came to tea
Picture 6 Sofia's shopping list
Picture 7 Some of Spencer's maths work
Picture 8 Spencer C shopping list
Picture 9 Spencer C wanter poster
Picture 10 Spencer is the tiger who came to tea
Picture 11 Spencer C tiger mask
Picture 12 Richard's home made elephant
Picture 13 Richard's lion who came to tea
Picture 14 Spencer's fact file
Picture 15 Spencer's menu
Picture 16 Spencer's menu
Picture 17 Spencer's menu
Picture 18 Amelia's wanted poster
Picture 19 Amelia's penguin
Picture 20 Gabriella's unicorn picture
Picture 21 Spencer's tiger
Picture 22 Spencer's tiger fact file
Picture 23 Spencer's fact file
Picture 24 Richard's fact file
Picture 25 Gabriella's tiger
Picture 26 Gabriella's before and after
Picture 27 Gabriella and the Unicorn who came to tea
Picture 28 Gabriella's menu
Picture 29 Gabriella's fact file on penguins
Picture 30 Gabriella's wanted poster
Picture 31 Walking fun
Picture 32 Maia's polar bear wanted picture
Picture 33 Maia's cafe
Picture 34 Maia's painted tiger
Picture 35 Maia's menu list
Picture 36 Maia's menu
Picture 37 Maia's cafe
Picture 38 Amelia's commentary on the penguins
Picture 39 Amelia's work
Picture 40 Amelia's cafe
Picture 41 Amelia's parrot
Picture 42 Richard's carrot cake
Picture 43 Being creative
Picture 44 Thank you
Picture 45 Thank you note by Pippa
Picture 46 Science experiments
Picture 47 More potion making
Picture 48 Pippa's shopping list
Picture 49 Pippa's wanted poster
Picture 50 Pippa's giraffe pictures
Picture 51 Ethan's wanted poster
Picture 52 Ethan's online tutorial for drawing
Picture 53 Online tutorial
Picture 54 Ethan's work on lions
Picture 55 Ethan's menu