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Easter Challenge

Welcome to our Easter Challenge

Below you will find a list of 30 challenges, set by our teachers, for you to complete at home.


How many can you complete over the Easter break? You can complete them in any order you like!

Create a piece of evidence for each of the challenges that you complete (photo, write about it, draw about it, make a video about it).

Send some (not all) evidence of you completing your challenges to and we will post some of them here on this page.


1- Video call a family member and read them a story (or entertain them!)

5. Can you use Lego to build a bridge to slide under?

Still image for this video
James Y2

Mr Conway

Still image for this video

Ethan Y1 & Imogen YN

Still image for this video
Jacob Y4
Alfie T Y4

6. Create a bird watching chart

Ethan Y1

7. Write a letter to a neighbour or a friend

Lewis Y3
Tommy Y4
Richard Y1
George B Y2

11. Make and decorate a toilet roll bunny

Lewis Y3
Bella Y1
Charlie YR
Alfie T & Olivia YR & YN
Imogen YN
Sereny Y1

14. Create your own PE routine/circuit training like Joe Wicks

Charlie YR

Tommy Y4

Still image for this video

15. Create and play your own game

Bella Y1

16. Have an indoor picnic

Brooke and Tommy (& Ashley) Y6 & Y4

17. Follow a tutorial to learn how to draw an animal

Adrian Y6
Lewis Y3
Abigail Y6
George B Y2

18. Lay out as many socks as you feel you can wear at once. You then have 2 minutes to put as many on as possible!

Lewis Y3: 10 pairs
Abigail Y6: 13 pairs
Liam Y4: 6 1/2 pairs
Bellas Y2: 8 pairs

20. Design a logo for your family

Lewis Y3

21. Munch and enjoy and Easter egg!

22. Create a picture only using natural objects found in your garden or on a walk.

Lewis Y3
Vinny Y5
Ethan M Y3
Elliot Y5

23. Make a meal for your family

24. Make an origami animal. The internet contains instructions for thousands of origami creations.

Abigail Y6
Joe Y3

25. Make some Easter nest cakes to enjoy with your family

27. Make a floating boat out of recyclable materials

Charlie YR
Ethan Y3

29. Find something in your house or garden for every letter in the alphabet

Lilly YR

Still image for this video

Extra Challenges

Emily YR: Going on a bug hunt
Olivia YN
Seth Y2 & Noah Y5
Seth Y2 & Noah Y5
Alfie T YR