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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!



Life has changed a lot for you since Year 2.


First of all, you have moved a Key Stage and are now in Key Stage 2. You have also moved classrooms and are now on the first floor of our two storey building.


You have a longer morning as you don’t start your lunch break until 12:15pm and you are also on a lunch rota. This means each week a different year group in Key Stage 2 will go first in for lunch. So every 4 weeks you are last sitting.


You all have your own pencil cases with all your equipment in. It is your responsibility to look after all the things in the pencil case. If you lose something then you will have to pay to replace the lost item.


You have new class pets. You no longer have guinea pigs but two Hermann tortoises called Bertie and Gertie. They stay with the class until November when they hibernate for the long winter months and then return back to school in March.


Finally, I know you all will have a very busy year this year with lots of learning to do but also lots of laughter too.